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The Grammar Key
Punctuation & Mechanics

The Punctuation & Mechanics offers over thirty narrated lessons and rounds out the instruction by taking students beyond the parts of speech to the application of capitalization and mechanics rules.

How many times have you learned, after instructing a class in punctuation, how little they have actually understood, or for that matter, retained? Even a 70% passing grade suggests that students have failed to master 30% of the lesson. And if research holds true, they will forget over half of those answers in only a few days. Consequently, you are caught in a vicious cycle of instruction, student work, correction, and further instruction.

With our Punctuation & Mechanics, those days are over. After the narrated text, students are taken step by step through each piece of information and then progressively challenged—without realizing it—to correct even the most difficult sentences. If they make a mistake, the program will inform them at that precise moment and offer them clues to work toward the right answer.

You are spared the drudgery of checking and rechecking papers, and a student may rework a lesson as often as they like for a new grade.

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